Run call centres with thousands of users using multiple telephone providers. These implementations can be made fault tolerant and load balanced to achieve more than 99% availability. Add or remove without worrying about user licenses. No extra fees for adding a tele-callers.


Business communication needs reliability based on mail services with archiving, security and high availability. Email is available 24x7, 375 days a week. Each mail is stored in multiple locations across different geographical locations. Connectiviyt for all the standard mail clients.


Enable people on the move to start or join a conference with their team members saving time and money. Internet connectivity with a standard web browser are required to get online for the conference. Upload presentations for remote users. Record conference sessions for archiving purpose.


Store data using redundant storage. Manage access and permissions through simple and intuitive web access. Use multiple protocols to store and retrieve data. Enable quotas for users and get alerts on limits. Schedule jobs. Use multiple network links for redundant connectivity.


Enjoy peace of mind by using servers running on GNU/Linux. Get GNU/Linux servers which are managed with security and availability as top priority. Get 24x7, 265 days a year monitoring. Get alerts for events. Focus on core business.


Get customized operating system based on GNU/Linux with low memory print. Installation options include network (PXE) or USB. Multiple simultaneous installations through network option. Manage all the workstation through easy to use centralized interface.

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